How does the shuffl work?

In the Slack shuffl channel, Shuffl will sort team members into new groups at the scheduled time and day. Shuffl will automatically introduce them with a group message and encourage to meet up virtually.

How does Shuffl determine who gets sorted?

Shuffl is available as Shuffl Community and Shuffl Pro. Shuffl Community uses a random algorithm to shuffl team members together, so group compositions and connections are left to serendipitous chance.


As it's random, previously matched members may get shuffl'd together again. Keep in mind the odds are higher with smaller group sizes and if you've been shufflin' for a while!

Shuffl Pro gives teams the option of both the random sort and Smart Shuffl, which includes advanced sorting methods to intelligently create new group combinations every week and unique group sorting use cases.

How often can we shuffl?

The Shuffl Admin can set the shuffl frequency in Shuffl Portal. The options range from every week, every two weeks, or once a month. We recommend starting with weekly shuffls and adjusting from there!

What time does the shuffl happen?

The shuffl will occur at 10am in your local timezone. For custom shuffl schedules, try out Shuffl Pro and reach out to support and we'd be happy to set you up.

Leaders (red) will be shuffl'd into their own groups with team members (orange)

The shuffl will correctly distribute leaders and account for the groups' previous shuffl history

What is Smart Shuffl?

Smart Shuffl is a paid feature from Shuffl Pro that uses smart shuffl strategies to create groups beyond random sorting. While randomness can create serendipitous opportunities, we've seen data from our teams on how using smarter sorting has a higher likelihood in creating lasting meaningful connections.

Group Frequency Shuffl is a Smart Shuffl strategy that takes a user's previous shuffl history into account for future shuffls. This significantly increases the likelihood that future groups will be composed of users who haven't been shuffl'd together yet. This strategy can be applied to groups of all sizes and we tend to see the largest impact on smaller groups such as 1:1 shuffls or if you've been shufflin' for a while!

Leadership Shuffl is a Smart Shuffl strategy that shuffls individual leaders into their own groups with other non-leaders/team members. We've also designed this shuffl to include Group Frequency shuffl logic, so there's a high likelihood for new leader meetups with every shuffl. This shuffl is popular as it both provides leaders an actionable way to nurture culture and team members to meet the leadership team. Our algorithm will guarantee proper leader to team member distribution in every shuffl.

Leadership Shuffl

How do I change my shuffl settings like the day of the week, frequency, or group size?

As the Shuffl Admin, you can change each channel's shuffl settings on Shuffl Portal.

How can I pause or skip the next shuffl?

As a user, you can set your individual shuffl status (opt-in/opt-out) by channel in the App Home Tab in Slack. If opted out, a user can stay in the shuffl channel and not get shuffl'd until they opt back in. Find the setting in Shuffl's Home Tab or message @shuffl directly and you'll receive a helpful link.

As a Shuffl admin, you can perform the above task to manage your own individual shuffl status. If you would like to pause the shuffl for everyone in the channel, you can find the "enable/disable" channel setting in Shuffl Portal.

How do I add more Shuffl admins to my workspace?

We're happy to help. If you're a current Shuffl Admin, email us at with the team members emails you'd like to grant Shuffl Admin roles to.

Help! My shuffl was missed.

We're sincerely sorry about that. Our shuffls are built with automated retry logic should this situation occur. If the retries fail, it's likely due to other critical services that we rely on to deliver the shuffl, such as Slack (they get outages too!)


In those rare instances, as we require their platform is operational and stable before we re-issue the shuffl, we will communicate respective timelines of when your shuffl will resume to you. If you're a Shuffl Pro customer, please reach out to us if you would like a custom re-schedule schedule.


Feel free to subscribe and track our live service operations.



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