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Pricing FAQ

What is Shuffl's pricing model?

Shuffl up to 50 users and either as pairs or groups for free with Shuffl Community. For bigger teams, unlimited shuffls, and smarter shuffls, we offer Shuffl Pro with a paid subscription.

Shuffl Pro's price is tier and usage based, and works like your phone bill. Pay for the tier level determined by the unique users actively shufflin' in your workspace in the billed month.

  • Example: RocketCorp has 500 team members in their Slack workspace. Shuffl is set up in two  channels and shuffls 195 unique team members across both channels in November. Individuals can shuffl an unlimited number of times, they're counted only once in the billing period.

  • After the billing period is over, the Shuffl Admin will receive an invoice at the "200 User" tier level, which captures usage from 101 - 200 unique users.

Shuffl's usage numbers can be monitored within the admin section of our webapp, Shuffl Portal. Stripe, our third-party payment processor, will automatically send invoices with usage details for the respective billing period.

Support is important to me. What do you provide?

We understand completely. Shuffl Community members receive limited email support and we're happy to help. Our responses for Shuffl Pro customers are prioritized with service levels versus Shuffl Community.


Shuffl Pro customers receive live and email support with their subscription to review their shuffl program, address any issues, and provide feedback on the latest features. With ad-hoc issues, our response and resolution time is typically same-day, if not the next business day. We take pride in clear communication and providing support that lets you know our team cares.


We are happy to give customer references on the quality of the support we provide by request.

Do you offer any discounts for an annual subscription with Shuffl Pro?

Yes. For a subscription billed annually, our limited time offer is two months free discounted from the total price (valid until November 20th, 2020).


The price shown in the above calculator is the annual rate.

Is there special pricing for non-profits, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations?

Yes. We would love to help the communities deeply impacted by COVID-19 and those helping the cause with an extended 90-day trial of Shuffl Pro. This allows for complementary shufflin' of up to 1,000 users and unlimited shuffl channels, among other key features.


Please sign up for the Shuffl Pro trial and then contact support@shuffl.ai with a "COVID-19 Trial Extension" request.

The offer is for qualified groups from either:

  • An accredited primary, secondary, and tertiary institution

  • A non-profit institution holding a valid charitable status with either the IRS (in the U.S.) or a local tax service/charity commission

  • A research, medical, or healthcare institution

The above offer is currently available until November 22nd, 2020. Offer valid for a single Slack workspace or a single Slack Enterprise account, and limited up to 5 Slack workspaces associated to a single institution. Qualification and availability is subject to our discretion.

For shuffl usage in excess of the above or interest in a longer commitment, please contact sales@shuffl.ai for discounted pricing for our qualified groups as listed above.

How does Shuffl compare to other products?

Shuffl is designed and built to be the best-in-class shufflin' service. We are exclusively focused on developing shufflin' features that are fun and smart to create meaningful connections. You can count on our product roadmap to be centered around shuffls.


In comparison to other products, our free subscription shuffls more than twice the number of users and offers group shuffls, valued by teams of all sizes.


Shuffl Pro is featured with complete shuffl customization, Smart Shufflin' capabilities, and priced competitively (others charge 67% more on average in comparable tiers).

Like Slack, we believe that there's a new way of work and the hybrid workplace is here. We're thrilled to partner with our customers that have made long-term commitments to help their team stay connected in the world of remote work. Learn about our annual pricing.

How does Shuffl Enterprise pricing work?

For shufflin' more than 1,000 unique users in a monthly period or to set up a Master Services Agreement (MSA) for organization-wide usage, please contact sales@shuffl.ai for a quote.

Typical annual billing payment structures and multi-year contracts are supported at this level.

How can I pause or cancel my Shuffl Pro subscription?

Our monthly subscription model gives teams flexibility to cancel at any time. For cancel or pausing Shuffl Pro, please reach out to support@shuffl.ai and at least two business days before the next billing period.

In both cancellation and pausing scenarios, access to paid features will remain until the start of the next billing period, at which point the limits and features for Shuffl Community will apply.

What happens if I have more than 50 people in my shuffl channel and I'm on the Community plan?

Not a problem! Your shuffl will still run as scheduled and 50 people will be randomly selected from the channel. For shufflin' more than 50 people, try out Shuffl Pro.

Is there a free trial of Shuffl Pro available?

Absolutely. Try Shuffl Pro with its full features, and unlimited shufflin' up to 1,000 users for 14 days.


No credit card required. Happy shufflin'!

I have a security questionnaire for your team to complete. What's next?

We understand. Our team treats security of your data as a top priority. Our service runs completely within Amazon Web Services, the same leading and trusted cloud platform that Slack runs its services on.


We will happily complete a security questionnaire as part of your evaluation process for an annual subscription. Please reach out to sales@shuffl.ai with your details.

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